About us

Our values.

we strive for excellence

We try to improve every day to offer you a better service, for this we listen to our clients facilitating their interaction with us, we offer the services of expert collaborators who understand their needs.

we value honesty

We believe in transparent communication with our clients, collaborators and suppliers to promote trust. We value our reputation as we understand that you entrust us with an important part of your life by putting your pet in our care.

we love what we do

Our passion is to offer the best of us, day after day, providing your pet with agile, comfortable and safe transportation, so that the family is always complete.


We also love our pets, that's why we understand how important they are for our customers.

Step by step.

What Pets to home can do for you.

It´s good to know...

01 It is important to note that there are two ways to travel with your pet, take it as part of your luggage (either in the cabin or in storage), or as cargo.

02 Pets to Home can offer in any way, all veterinary services needed for your pet's trip, whether as luggage or as cargo. If you carry it as luggage, you must contact the airline you’re flying with for coordination and booking.

03 If you need to send your pet as a cargo, Pets to Home, can help you with all the veterinary services, as well as the required export and customs procedures.

04 When should a pet travel as a cargo? This happens in any of the following scenarios: - The airline for any reason does not accept it as luggage. - When the pet travels unaccompanied. - When by regulation of the country of origin or destination, pets are only allowed to travel as cargo (e.g. United Arab Emirates or United Kingdom).

With Pets to Home your pet will travel Trust us!